"HAKUNA MA’VODKA" - it means no memories, for the rest of the night  (via suchvodka)

This is literally the only post that matters.

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mellowonderland said: Can we be friends bc seriously you seem like an amazing person 🙊

YEA. I love friends

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lovesforeverblind said: Movie night with cuddles and junk food/candy? ❤

Sounds like a plan💕

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i need a sweater that says “please let me pet your dog”

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following back heaps♡




happy-go-lucky--me said: Bay Area~ Represent! 👌🙌


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"Take care of the land…someday you’ll be part of it"
- sign on our hike in Chantery Flats

reedyzf said: Netflix enthusiast. What's your favorite?

Oh gosh the list is too long. Dexter. House of cards. The office. Greys.

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Anonymous said: Why am I not surprised that you're from the Bae Area?😉

Uhm I don’t know that’s a very good question

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